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Sapphire Collaborative is Matthew Perosi and George Blair IV

Photography Training Video

Struggling with your own jewelry photography?

By popular demand we're finally making recordings of the same jewelry photography seminars that Matthew Perosi has been teaching at the MJSA Expo and at FIT NYC since 2013.

This will be a complete series explaining how to light metal objects and how to apply that to jewelry photography. The videos will specifically demonstrate how to use a Canon T3i and T6i camera and PhotoShop.

There will also be videos demonstrating different ways to use your smartphone for photography and product videos.

We expect the videos to be finalized and available through our website on or before December 15, 2016. You can pre-order now for only $75 by calling 973-413-8211.

Call now before the price goes up to $125.

This is one of our early demo reels from the video series: