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Jewelry Ecomm Live 2018

GlitterPaw Software as explained at the conference

GlitterPaw SoftwareWIX, Shopify, and Weebly all take short cuts to get you online fast, but without considering the long term cost or SEO that you’ll eventually need. There’s a better investment for your website.

GlitterPaw Software is a unified software system with lots of useful tools for jewelers. It can only be compared to a custom programmed WordPress system with more than a dozen extra plug-ins.

Unified features include:

  • Display your in-store products
  • Real POS integrated and usable on tablets, smartphones, and PCs
  • Integrated CRM with sales history, viewed products history, conversation history, important dates, and more
  • Create promotions that generate sales leads
  • Share content to social media
  • Track effectiveness of your online advertising
  • Desktop, mobile, and tablet themes
  • Multiple language capability
  • Set timers to display content on a future date
  • Generate and track shortcodes & QR codes
  • SEO hints and management without any extra monthly cost
  • Special content or pricing for registered users
  • Customized product catalog for jewelers
  • Customer service reminders via text or email

This is not a quick fix website
solution similar to other
jewelry website providers.

GlitterPaw is a software
platform that uses your website
as the cornerstone of your

With GlitterPaw, there’s
no longer a need to pay
other popular (and hyped)
online marketing services.

Why GlitterPaw Software?
Make your mark. Get on track.

Any of this sound familiar..?
  1. You put up a website but that wasn't enough, so now you're told to diversify.

  2. You're using different apps and social networks to try to capture customers’ attention because that's the new way of doing things.

  3. You beg happy customers to leave reviews on a variety of sites, yet you can't tell if that's working.

  4. You're paying for blogging on other sites because you're told it helps with link building and SEO, but you don't even know what link building really is.

  5. You've been told that shopping carts are extra plug-ins that need to be installed if you want to sell online.

So many jewelers have lost their way because they are being told to follow the latest online trend and take shortcuts instead of concentrating on the one thing that stands the test of time: their website.

GlitterPaw is the perfect complement for any jeweler with the long term goal of using internet technology to build customer relations, improve service, and thereby increase sales and profits.

Integrated features include unlimited content pages, product catalogs with ecommerce, blogging, social media sharing, email marketing, easy SEO management, and a lot more.

Internet marketing hype changes every year; it’s time to rethink how your website is the cornerstone of everything your business does online.

The collaborative team

Software made by these guys
who actually know your jewelry
business, rather than
outsourced programmers
who don’t know the full scope
of your needs.
Raised in the wild, but safe for all ages to play with, GlitterPaw is itself a beacon in the jungle of the internet.

Typical Website Setup
  • Software installed in the cloud and a secret website is built for only you to see.

  • We convert your customer list, website content, and product database and import it into the software, up to 100 hours.

  • You test the functionality of the software and features you are interested in.

  • You give us needed feedback on the layout of your website.

  • Together, we work through any hiccups you find in the features we install for you.

  • We provide initial training so you can fully change all of your own content without having to pay us to do it for you.

Plan the future of your website with forward thinking software.

You get 100 hours of website setup time for free. That's a setup savings of $5,000!

Don’t be left behind with old ideas; be a bold mover in the jewelry industry and give your customers the online interaction they really want without the need to cobble features together.

GlitterPaw Software is business class software for marketing, CRM, website management, and point-of-sale all in one solid platform.

Choose the features you want without hidden extra costs.

Thinking DIY?

Forget about doing it yourself with Shopify, Big Commerce, WIX, or WordPress. Those DIY solutions take months to figure out and set up, and cost about the same, and even more over time; also, they aren’t made specifically for jewelers.

Sapphire Collaborative uses GlitterPaw Software as its internet platform of choice. Made for the jewelry industry, it has similar features to many popular, disconnected, systems in one flexible package; that means it saves you time and money.

Increased Opportunity With Strategic Websites

For the Retailer
Your time savers
  • Email sign-up
  • Hidden meta tags using that help Google understand your pages
  • Full integration of your website and POS; replace 2 systems with one

Enhance Consumer Relationship
  • Catalog website
  • Wish lists
  • Attract luxury buyers who buy in-store
  • Reductive navigation
  • E-commerce
  • Product descriptions that relate to people and occasions

Brand Building
  • Testimonials
  • Link to Yelp, Google, Facebook reviews
  • Sharing to social media appropriately
  • Multiple domain names so you can track off-line ads or other online ads

Enhanced Marketing
  • Easy ability to add Facebook tracking so you can monitor ads

For the Vendor
Your time savers
  • E-commerce
  • Ability to order with a purchase order or with a credit card instead of by phone or fax

Enhance Retailer Relationship
  • Show new inventory
  • Notified retailers of new items
  • Retail store locator
  • Product descriptions for retailer sales associate training
  • Downloadable images and text files that can be imported into retailer websites.
  • Downloadable PDFs of catalogs
  • Marketing material form password protected area of the site

Brand Building
  • Public Retail store locator

Protect Your Brand
  • Full password protected website so that no one can view the site unless they are pre-registered.

Ecomm Live Special. Only Available Until November 5, 2018
Full Website Setup $4,995

This is our full agency service where we set up, design, and populate the website with all of your content. You maintain complete control to edit everything without ongoing maintenance fees.

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