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How does the Sapphire Collaborative program work?

How It Works

1. Initial telephone call. Although you are calling to potentially hire us, that initial telephone call is also our evaluation of whether or not you would be a good candidate for our Collaborative Program for Jewelers.

2. We send you a questionnaire that helps us understand what you have previously attempted to do so we know how you tried growing your business using Internet technology.

3. You will need to give us access to your Google Analytics account to help evaluate your website.

4. We cannot accept clients who have Google penalties unless you are willing to start over with a new domain name, or unless you agree in writing that might never be able to get that penalty removed.

5. A follow-up telephone call to talk about the options and services which could benefit your business.

6. We prepare a comprehensive, collaborative proposal. Our monthly service fees will be all inclusive for what we offer, but we won't know what these are until we review our notes. Just be aware that our simple coaching can be as little as $259 per month, and many of our collaborative services will be more than $1100 per month and could go as high as $5200 per month.

7. Once the terms are agreed upon we will begin the implementation of our collaboration.

8. Our monthly support services begin upon completion of the implementation. The typical implementation will take at minimum 30 days, but it has extended as long as 18 months for enormous projects involving many people.

Example of How We Work

In the left menu you'll see the link for Figure Out Where to Start. That's an in depth area of our website that proposes questions you have and scenarios you might find yourself in.

Those are examples. You won't find any service fees listed there, only the examples of how we do things based upon your needs.

The overwhelming thing you should realize as you read through the examples is that there are a lot of different efforts by team members that work together to create your business growth.

Give us a call at 973-413-8211 or use our Contact Us page to send us an email if you think you are ready to enhance your profability through our collaborative efforts.