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25% Profit increase guaranteed growth program for retail jewelers

Our Guarantee

We're putting our money where our mouth is!

As explained on Our Dedication page, we follow the Golden Nuggets blog published through jWAG, our sister organization.

The secret to those Nuggets is that the sf we write about is only published AFTER we've been able to reproduce the results over a few months.

That's quite different than other website or SEO bloggers that write about the latest and greatest online marketing techniques even though they don't have real data to back up their claims.

So what we're doing is following our own research, and implementing it for you. We know the stuff we write about works, and we're guaranteeing a 25% increase in your profits within 12 months of full implementation of our Program for Jewelers.

What does this mean?

First: The "implementation" requires the launch of the website we're going to give you. Sometimes that launch happens within a month, sometimes in 3 months, sometimes 6 months, and the big jobs require 9 months.

Second: The "implementation" also requires training. You and your staff need to be trained on all the proven techniques we have. Don't want to get trained, well then we can't offer you the guarantee.

Third: The "implementation" will require a revamp of your marketing. We're going to start with a marketing plan that must be followed. There will be strict deadline dates that you must follow. If you miss the deadlines you will void our guarantee.

Forth: The "implementation" will require an analysis of your merchandising. We can't help you if you're simply selling the wrong product for your local market and you don't want to make a change.

Fifth: Data, we need your data. This includes your customer information and sales information. We're going to need a continual feed of this so we can analyze and guide you correctly.

Sixth: Tracking, you have to track. You need to ask every customer if they saw your ads and what brought them into the store that day. We will track all your digital stuff, but if you can't give us your own in-store tracking information every 7 days then you will also void our guarantee.

Lastly: Every business we work with is slightly different. Therefore we reserve the right to remove or alter one of the above requirements.

So what's the guarantee worth? The fine details will be explained over the telephone, but if you don't increase your profit by at least 25% within 12 months of full implementation then we will work with you for the following 12 months until you do hit that mark.