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Yeah, we can do that.

Tech StuffRest assured that we review many new internet technologies long before you've even heard of them. If they pass our review process we will set them up on your website so they are waiting when you first ask about them.

The technology your website runs on really doesn't matter. What matters is that it's reliable, agile, scalable, and it does what your business needs it to do.

Only the bottom line result matters to you, not the software hat runs it all. On the other hand, we don't want you to think we are hiding anything either so we're listing some of the basics below and the full details on the rest of the Tech Stuff pages you see to the left.

Tech Stuff
We use the Junior CMS ( for all our websites and support. Any idea or technical feature you're looking for is probably already built-in.

Tech Stuff
We make the design and setup process easy for you to get through. Mobile websites are built-in too.

Oh, and the setup is so easy that we have a $0 Website Setup fee when you are signed up for one of our monthly retainer plans.

however, we do charge a setup fee for those who want to use our snazzy software but want to do all the work themselves.

Tech StuffHosting is always part of our baseline Plans. But that's technology stuff that you shouldn't worry about.

All you need know is that your website will be up and running when it's important, and that there are backups.