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Cool Technology

Cool TechnologyYeah, we can do that. -- We might have pioneered that, too.

When you've been around as long as our own thought leaders have, technology trends seem to blur together.

We didn't know that the personalized websites we created in 1994 would eventually be called "PURLS."

We didn’t know that the first zip code powered mobile website we created in 2002 would eventually be called a "location based service."

In 2003 we had to learn a lot about the jewelry industry. During our self education, we realized that all jewelers should have birthstone, gemstone, and 4C's information online. We created education pages and gave them to our retail jewelers. Before long, thousands of other jewelers had our duplicated information. Ten years later a jewelry store wouldn't consider creating a website without educational pages or linking to GIA or AGS.

We didn't know there was going to be a battle between desktop computers and mobile phones. When mobile phones became "smartphones," we created a cool way for our websites to sniff out a mobile phone and give a choice to view mobile or desktop versions of a site. The latest "responsive website design" removes that choice from people. We prefer to give users a choice, so we're sticking to our original mobile idea. Once you use it, you will understand why it's superior. Test it in action by viewing this site on your smartphone.

Our cool CMS is backed by an insurance policy!

We don't want to bore you with more stories or technical details. We use the Junior CMS ( for all our websites and support. Any idea or technical feature you're looking for is probably already built-in.

Other website agencies will talk about using open source technology to build websites, which is not a bad idea if you have the deep pockets to pay for continual security patches updates to your site when your CMS is upgraded.

Some agencies will even use fear tactics that you should never use proprietary technology online, because, what would happen if your website company went out of business? Therefore, they say, it's better to use open source software so you can hire any Tom, Dick, or Harry to take over your site if your web firm goes under.

Happily, that's never been a problem for us. The Junior CMS that we use is owned by our parent company. The CMS has been in development since 1997, in fact the term "content management system" wasn't even coined back when we started programming it. As of 2017 our CMS is already in it's 12th version.

Additionally, there's no worry about our company ownership and what would happen if one or both of the owners were to suddenly die. Our company maintains Key Man Life Insurance for the owners as a way to guarantee continuity of the business for the sake of our clients.

What other small business takes such steps to protect their customers like that? We're betting all the naysayers using fear tactics are not.