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Jewelry Websites and Online Identities

Our Specialties

We specialize in the development and growth of retail jewelry stores, jewelry designers, and jewelry manufacturers.

We've worked with MJSA, JA, IJO, RJO, JCK, and LJG to offer education and various internet services. Jewelry ecommerce, jewelry designer websites, retail jeweler websites, membership websites, and diamond searches are frequent projects around here.

We also provide management services for every project we deploy so the jewelry business owner doesn't have to spend so much time making it all work.
We're here to help local bars, night clubs, theaters, DJs, and live entertainers.

To the general public it seems glamorous to receive all that attention as the owner of a live social venue or the performer on stage. Little do they know the daily financial struggles you go through trying to promote yourself or get that next gig.

When we build a website for you using the Junior CMS you'll be able to keep your online promotion costs down, save time, and be able to connect your website to social media more easily.

You'll have more time to engage your fans.
We help brand new businesses launch a professional caliber website with little stress and low cost.

It doesn't matter what type of new business you are starting, all start-ups go through the same steps and need the same help launching their first website.

As volunteers with SCORE, we've made a commitment to help start-ups get up and running online, and guide them to managing their own online identity.

The Junior CMS is an easy to use website system that will keep long term costs down and let you concentrate on building your business during the first few years.
It all starts with your online identity
When most people think of their online identity they immediately gravitate toward social media profiles, but your personal online identity is much more than that because so much personal information is now publicly available online. Each one of us has a personal internet footprint created by our online social engagements with other people, and especially the apps we use on our smartphones.

While our personal online identities slowly grow organically through our own personal actions, the online identity of your business only grows when someone intentionally takes action.

You could take action yourself by setting up a website, adding your store to various location based services, and publishing press releases.

Actions you typically have no control over include online reviews and mentions in local news, which we always hope are positive editorial mentions.
Planning Your Store's Identity Starts With A Website That Helps You Grow
Your website is the cornerstone of your business' online identity. Every other online profile, review, and editorial mention will reference your website. It's difficult or impossible to control what other people say about you out there on the internet, but you are in total control of your own website.

On your website you can control what people read and the images they see in the hopes that they will turn into paying customers.

When choosing our service you'll receive a new website using the Junior CMS as the cornerstone of it all. This all-in-one system has dozens of features so you don't have to pay several other website services. With an all-in-one integrated system you'll save time, cut costs, and transform your daily online routine into something much easier to handle.

With a new website launched, we then grow your identity management across all location based services, local services, and social networks. This growth process includes our analysis of your situation, creation of a plan, implementation of that plan, and ultimately showing you how to manage it yourself over the long term.

You, or one of your employees, should be in control of all your online properties, and we'll give you the lessons needed to do just that. Of course we are always there do continue to do it for you if that's your preferred method.

Implementation of Your Online Identity
The longest, and perhaps most frustrating part of correctly establishing your online identity is the process is determining exactly what you do in your jewelry store. That might seem silly, but how would you exactly articulate what you do?

Sure, you sell jewelry and you need a website that says that somehow. But maybe you also provide amazing engraving services other than the typical monograms. Through out interview process we learn about you and we come up with the best way to portray what you do on your website.

Sure, there are similar traits between every website we create, but that's only because we're specifically servicing the jewelry industry and those traits are required for retail jewelers, designers, and jewelry vendors. There are also typical internet standards that your customers will expect, like an About Us page.

We don't create cookie cutter websites at all. There is real thought put into it without pigeon holing you into the same thing we do for everyone.

The website implementation process takes a while to get through, sometime a few months. For really big website implementations it could take as many as 18 months with several revaluations along the way.

The next step after website implementation is how to tie all your other online identities back to it.