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Product Marketing Services for Jewelers

Product Marketing

The people visiting your jewelry website expect to see a product catalog of the jewelry you have in your store. This allows your local customers to see what you have in stock and come to pick it up in person.

Several jewelry vendors, and website programming companies will offer you easy to use widgets that make their product catalogs appear on your website. Although those methods are easy, we know that those methods benefit the vendors more than they benefit your store.

Those product catalog widgets (also know as APIs) are invisible to Google, and therefore they don't help to attract customers to your website. It's much easier to get people to your website if you bulk up the number of products in your own website catalog that's right on your own website.

Our Approach To Jewelry Products

Our long term plan is to set up your online product catalog with a few thousand jewelry styles with well written descriptions and supporting information throughout your website that helps sell the jewelry you carry.

We work directly with your vendors to get the information needed to make your website look good, and therefore help you sell more both online and in your store.

Do you sell designers in your store? We have a proven success rate with our process of adding designer information to retail jeweler websites. This process creates new interest for people searching online, and it brings people to you store. We simply need your list of designers and we'll work through that process without you needing to be involved. ALl you have to do is make sure to keep that designer's jewelry styles stocked in your store.

Social Sharing of Products

We're sure you've seen many jewelry store Facebook pages that are always posting photos of jewelry. That very common practice by many Facebook management agencies attempts to generate interest by fans, but it seldom works to increase actual jewelry sales, or even maintain long term fan interactions.

When we manage your social accounts we will start by embellishing a lot of details about an individual product on your website and then share that page socially.

Our goal is to intrigue your fans on social networks and get them back to your website where they can read the full details of that style, and further engage.

We actively post to Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. We also teach you how to use Instagram so you can post from your store on a regular basis.