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Business Intelligence Analysis for Jewelers

Business Intelligence Analysis

This is the brains of it all!

With the technology available today, you should never ever do anything without tracking it.

Tracking is available for your website, for mobile apps, for offline ads, for sales, and for how people move around in your store.

There's so much data out there and it's very difficult to pull it all together easily. You can easily get burred in data if you don't know what you're looking at, or how to bring it all together.

Establishing your own personal "Business intelligence" is more than just Google Analytics and more than just sales reports. We look at all he data you collect, even when you don't realize you are collecting it, and give you actionable ways to improve your business.

To start the process, we always make sure your website is set up with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. This give us a lot of raw tracking data, the rest comes from inside your store, and you're probably already collecting it, you just don't know it.