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Now seeking beta testers for GlitterPaw Software v15!

So many features are now unified into GlitterPaw that we don't want to "officially" offer it until it's been tested a lot more.

We need your help, and we're willing to give up a lot to get it.

GlitterPaw Software is a unified software system with lots of useful tools for small businesses. It can only be compared to a custom programmed WordPress system with more than a dozen extra WP plug-ins.

The Video Tells All
We've created the above video to really show how you would compare WordPress, WIX, and Shopify to GlitterPaw. It's a must watch if you are considering a new website with those systems!

GlitterpawRaised in the wild,
but safe for all ages
to play with, GlitterPaw
is itself a beacon in the
jungle of the internet.
  • Maintain your products.
  • Update your info.
  • Serve your customers.
  • And keep it all in your voice--your style--your pattern.
GlitterPaw is more than a CMS, it's a tool for your business that just happens to also manage your website.

With GlitterPaw there's no longer a need to pay for other popular (and hyped) online marketing services.

Beta Program Offer
  • You get a full website that we build for you.
  • You test the new software we set up.
  • Give us needed user interface feedback.
  • Help us determine the value and selling price for the software.
  • Participate in the first public beta program since 2003.
You get 400+ hours of website setup time for free. That's a setup savings of $7000!

Our pricing page shows our normal $10,000 charge when we do all the website setup for you. We need need real sites to test the software.

$3000 flat fee. No hidden extra setup costs, although yearly hosting is not included.

Why GlitterPaw Software?

Make your mark. Get on track.

Any of this sound familiar...

1) You put up a website but that wasn't enough, so now you're told to diversify.

2) You're using different social networks and different apps to try to capture customer's attention because that's the new way of doing things.

3) You beg customers to leave reviews on a variety of sites, yet you can't tell if that's working.

4) You're paying for blogging on other sites because you're told it helps with link building and SEO, but you don't even know what link building really is.

5) You've been told that shopping carts are something extra that need to be added to a website if you want to sell online.

So many people have lost their way because of online diversity and too many options.

What we need is to compliment a business that has so many paths to follow, by keeping it on one platform, and we've got one: Glitterpaw.

We are now seeking beta testers for the world premiere of version 15. This software, grown out of a powerful content management system and ecommerce platform, needs your voice. Join us today.

Call 973-413-8211 To Join The Beta Program

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