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Offline Marketing and Print Media Services for Jewelers

Offline Marketing

Do you still advertise in local print media?

We believe that the best combination of marketing for a local jewelry store is to marry traditional advertising with online advertising.

We won't deny it, traditional advertising still have a valuable place in your overall marketing plan.

To us, traditional media advertising is anything that's not on the internet. The category is pretty broad and we have seen good results with direct mail letters, post cards, and event invitations. We've also seen good results from local town newspapers that get delivered to every home.

Other media that's more difficult to track includes signage, billboards, TV, and radio spots.

If you are still buying media ads like these then we will work with you to improve your overall return on advertising, and improve your tracking methods.
      Experienced offline marketing includes:
  • Ad creatives
  • Editorial Photography
  • Brainstorming editorial photography concepts
  • Copy writing
  • Copy editing
  • Planning the offline to online customer transition
  • QR Codes
  • Store signage
  • Window sinage

How We Improve our Offline Marketing

We start with showing you how the different types of offline marketing not integrate with different online marketing. This will probably be an eye-opening process when you find out the true lead times involved with planning your marketing.

We'll then plan your marketing schedule for 12 months and set all the anticipated deadline dates.

We then work with your current print advertising company to coordinate your marketing message, or you can have us take over the entire marketing plan for you.