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Content Building Services for Jewelers

Content Creation Service and Content Building Service

It is very challenging for any business in a highly competitive industry to to achieve, and then maintain, visibility in Google's search results.

All retail businesses are continually competing in their local advertising and online marketing to gain an advantage. Because of how Google works, this competition also exists on your website.

When given the choice of showing search results with a website that was updated last month or last year, Google will more highly rank the recently updated website first.

Google prefers to show the latest information in their search results instead of something that was written months or years ago. This automatically means that your website will probably rank lower than the other retail jeweler in your town if that jeweler updates their site more regularly than you do.

Website updating and content building takes a lot of time, but we've turned it into a smooth procedure that you don't need to worry too much about.

The big difference between our content creation process and any other "blogging" service offered by other companies is that you will always get unique content from us. Every one of our content pieces will be exclusive to your website.

We Create Fresh Content For Your Website

Call it blog writing if you'd like, but it's a little more than that...

We watch industry news outlets for things that a your customer might be interested in, and we create related content about that. As an example, for the jewelry industry we might track recent award ceremonies, a red carpet affairs, or a Pantone color announcements that we then relate to jewelry and fashion.

We don't want to do all the content building work because that would make your website look boring. We often call and interview you, the store owner, to get your opinions or stories about particular topics. We then ghost write those interviews as blog posts for you.

For retail jewelers we also provide educational pages for the birthstones of every month. These birthstone pages are written for 24 consecutive months to make sure we cover the birthstones completely, especially for months with multiple birthstone options.

The content creation process often includes photos to accompany whatever we write about.
     Content Creation Examples:
  • Photos
  • Product Descriptions
  • Write-up on store history
  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Meet our staff photos
  • Flash flipbooks of fliers from vendors
  • Animated images

Posting Content Around A Website

The term "content" is an all inclusive term that represents everything on your website that's not specifically programming code.

That's everything!

Our content creation process usually starts with writing, but it can also start with a good set of photographs.

From there we create content that can be used as a general blog post, in the jewelry educational area of your website, in a photo gallery, on your home page, and even in your product catalog.

One of our talents also includes composing email newsletters, sending them out for you, and posting that newsletter to your website. This is still a content creation process that's similar to general blogging.

Customer Testimonials

We also have a review service to help collect customer testimonials and then post them to your website.

Customer testimonials are a wonderful way to show your local community that you are trustworthy, and they look amazing on your website too!