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About Us

We are the Sapphire Collaborative and our name was carefully chosen to represent who we are and what we do for our clients. The owners of the company were both born in September, making sapphire their birthstone, and the mission of the company is to work closely with clients to increase their profits through forward thinking ways to use technology.

The Sapphire Collaborative team has been working closely within the jewelry industry since 2003 and has helped more than 400 different jewelers, manufacturers, and service professionals, to produce the best possible business growth results.

A long time ago we started as computer consultant and website programmers, but this modern age of technology has sped up a lot faster than most small businesses can keep up with. We definitely keep up, and in some case we're the one who have broken new technology ground.

The internet is at the core of the service we provide. From there we show you how to branch out in different ways to help you improve the daily processes you use in your business.

Your business can only thrive when you learn how to create different processes to better your workflow, and most of the time you need to tap into new technology to do that. That's where we come in... We show you how to use more efficient websites, software, smartphones, cameras, accounting procedures, emails, and a whole lot more to help you make those processes better.

We also work with your vendors to make business smoother in a verity of unique ways that will work for your store.

Your employees are going to love it, you're going to love it, your spouse is going to love the free time you gain, and your bottom line is going to get a lot fatter.

Although we handle a lot of the steps to making things better, we can't possibly do it all alone. As service professionals, we created a network of other, very reputable, service professionals that we often recommend and, well, "collaborate" with.

We only recommend other services based on direct experience and positive results. We've recommended other business coaches, strategists, merchant processing companies, internet service companies, and hardware manufacturers. These recommendations are always for your benefit, and we never take commissions, kickbacks, or gifts from the people we will refer you to.

Our recommendations are based on someone's merit alone.

Poke around the site and you'll see what we're all about, or just give us a call at 973-413-8211 for a friendly no-nonsense conversations.

Oh, we're not going to try to sell you anything because you need to qualify for our program first.

How do you qualify? Click here to see why we're not for everyone.

About Us