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Our Staff

Our Staff

Matthew A. Perosi, chief thinker

Our Staff
Beginning his career on the internet in 1988, Matthew is an admitted computer geek and analyst. Being a part of the active growth of the internet since 1994, he is now the Collaborative thinker that figures out the best hows and whys of collaborating with businesses, people, software, and new technology.

Without fearing the digital age, he pulls together many aspects of real world and cyberspace to massage data into usable business intelligence.

He is a September baby, and therefore 1 half of the Sapphire namesake.

George Blair IV, central intelligence

Our Staff
George began his work in the jewelry industry in 2003, and has been an integral part in the layman's perspective for the company's technology.

Versed in customer service, website and social media updates, as well as management and content creation, George wears multiple hats for Sapphire Collaborative.

Born on the 1st of September, he just narrowly makes sapphire, and represents half of the Sapphire business name.

Cathi Wilson,
front lines & customer updates

Our Staff
Cathi is at the front lines of the Sapphire Collaborative, talking to and gathering information from clients. As the newest member of the Collaborative Team, she organizes much of the work that is passed on to the behind the scenes team that's not mentioned on this staff page.

Her telephone charm is a huge help in allaying the mental roadblocks that many of our customers experience daily.

Born in April, Cathi's birthstone is the one most people desire in large quantities: diamonds.

Jamie Doughty,

Our Staff
Jamie is a true renaissance man, doing a little bit of this, and a little bit of that; and is actually living in a country influenced by the Renaissance: France! He's currently a PhD student at Université Bordeaux Montaigne.

Jamie is primarily the Comptroller of the Sapphire Collaborative, but also manages quality control over the websites managed by the Collaborative.

Jamie was born in June, so his birthstone is either pearl, moonstone, or alexandrite; he prefers alexandrite.

Robert Hyers, contributing author

Our Staff
Robert Hyers is a contributing author of articles and website content for Sapphire Collaborative's clients.

Rob has an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and his B.A. in English Language and Literature/Letters from Penn State University.

He currently teaches English composition at several north New Jersey colleges. His birthstone is the garnet, as he was born in January.

Staff Motivation Unit

Our Staff
Moaning Myrtle
Our Staff
Samuel, known as the 'chillest cat ever,' entered the office in September of 2010. His name means "God has heard," and he represents the September birthstone as well: sapphire.

Moaning Myrtle was so named after her howl and its similarity to that of a Harry Potter character. While we don't know when she was born exactly, we feel garnet represents her just fine since joined the team in January of 2009. We lost Moaning Myrtle in October 2017 and miss her greatly.

Sapphire Collaborative also remembers Forty, the office's original orange boy.