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Our Dedication to educating the jewelry industry

Our Dedication -- We Care. We Educate.

We're filling the education gap for those forward thinking jewelry business owners.

Would you like all the educational material needed to learn for yourself how to make the best website and improve your store?

It's all available for free! -- Just click here

We're you're source to turn to when you want to find out the latest in website technology, online marketing, jewelry business coaching, offline marketing, and store management.

The Jeweler Website Advisory Group, jWAG --

Launching in 2010 under the name "jWAG," we've created many training videos, held live events, held live webinars, appeared at various trade conferences, published eBooks, and provide critical business intelligence ideas in the form of Daily Golden Nuggets.

With our jWAG "hats" on we provide loads of research based online marketing ideas written with jewelry industry examples so you understand it.

Oh, and we don't use jWAG as a tactic to solicit jewelers to sign up for our website services like the other jewelry industry website programmers do. Nothing is held back, and we will caution you that the information is overwhelming.

As of today there are more than 1561 Daily Golden Nuggets. You can read them all right here.

Th Sapphire Collaborative was born from the need to have an organization that actually implemented all those 1561 in the best possible way. What we're saying is that you don't have to hire us if you simply read and implement what we write about every weekday.

Industry leaders have cited our work as something that's really making a difference for those who follow us. Interviews and quotes often appear in JCK Magazine, Centurion E-Newsletter, and online blogs. We've even led seminars at the JCK Las Vegas show, JA NY show, MJSA Expos & have a monthly columns in the Retail Jeweler Magazine.