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Complete Internet, Marketing, and Business Services for Jewelers

Complete Services

We specialize in the development and growth of your business over the long term. We don't offer get-rich-quick ideas or services that promise thousands of likes or visitors. We offer realistic internet services because you won't find any short cuts to get rich on the internet.

Our complete service starts with a new website that will be the cornerstone of your business, then we show you how to grow your profits when you use it correctly.

The complete service plans we offer are here to help you manage your online identity, and save you a lot of time, but it doesn't work without your help and support.

Ultimately, we show you how to transform from being a business owner who works all day long, into being an entrepreneur who has control over all areas of your business without actually doing it all. We accomplish this by showing you how to create different processes for yourself and your staff, as well as how to implement new technology that not only saves time, but increases profits.

Click through each of our service pages to the left for a full explanation of what we do and how we do it.

Website Design
This is the cornerstone of your online identity. We start with creating a new one for you using the Junior CMS, a website system designed specifically for entrepreneurs. A special product database is available for the jewelry industry. [read more]
Ecommerce Websites
All retail businesses need ecommerce today. It's simply another retail channel that your customers expect, even on mobile. [read more]
SEO Service
We don't believe in long term SEO contracts that offer the same limited list of tasks every month. Our SEO service offers goals and last only until we complete the task. [read more]
Social Management
We build buzz for you through social media, but it's more than simply churning the same social posts for all our customers. We won't waste your money trying to build a social audience without giving them a real reason to engage with you. [read more]
Online Marketing
We've put together these online marketing services based on research, testing, and previous results. Through these services we marry your online experience to your retail store. [read more]
Content Building
The jewelry industry is highly competitive. Google often ranks websites based on who updates their site more often. The most recent update date is not as important as the type of content that was updated. Our program insures that it is done corectly. [read more]
Product Marketing
Website visitors want to see the jewelry you have in stock so they can come to pick it up in person. Our product marketing and management program will get yo products online for you. [read more]
Offline Marketing
We believe that the best combination of marketing for a local jewelry store is to marry traditional advertising with online advertising. Our strategies are appropriately timed to your offline advertising to create the greatest results. [read more]
Marketing Planning
Keeping up with the technology changes in Google and Facebook are daunting. Throw in Pinterest, Instagram, and the latest social network and the entire marketing process is too confusing. We'll set up an easy to follow plan for you. [read more]
Budget Analysis
What if you could look at a financial report that would clearly show you when your business is declining and when it's thriving? Would that help you make better financial decisions? We think so, and we'll show you how to set one of these financial reports up using a simple Excel Spreadsheet. [read more]
Growth Planning
Planning growth is tricky, and you don't want to grow too fast either. We'll show you how to evaluate how your store runs today and what changes could be implemented to improve it tomorrow. [read more]
Time Savers
There is a significant time commitment needed for maintaining your online identity, social media, and website. We have a plan to free you up from a lot of that time commitment, and we can show you how to make the rest of the process faster. [read more]
Business Intelligence Analysis
Tracking is available for your website, for mobile apps, for offline ads, for sales, and for how people move around in your store. There's so much data to collect that even a small retail store could be inundated with analyzing it all. Leave that up to us. [read more]

Our Specialties

We specialize in the development and growth of retail jewelry stores, jewelry designers, and jewelry manufacturers.

We've worked with MJSA, JA, IJO, RJO, JCK, and LJG to offer education and various internet services. Jewelry ecommerce, jewelry designer websites, retail jeweler websites, membership websites, and diamond searches are frequent projects around here.

We also provide management services for every project we deploy so the jewelry business owner doesn't have to spend so much time making it all work.
We're here to help local bars, night clubs, theatres, DJs, and live entertainers.

To the general public it seems glamorous to receive all that attention as the owner of a live social venue or the performer on stage. Little do they know the daily financial struggles you go through trying to promote yourself or get that next gig.

When we build a website for you using the Junior CMS you'll be able to keep your online promotion costs down, save time, and be able to connect your website to social media more easily.

You'll have more time to engage your fans.
We help brand new businesses launch a professional caliber website with little stress and low cost.

It doesn't matter what type of new business you are starting, all start-ups go through the same steps and need the same help launching their first website.

As volunteers with SCORE, we've made a commitment to help start-ups get up and running online, and guide them to managing their own online identity.

The Junior CMS is an easy to use website system that will keep long term costs down and let you concentrate on building your business during the first few years.