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Website Research Helps Jewelers

New website technology is typically built when a programmer sees a need or thinks of a cool idea to build. These ideas are then created as part of some website system.

The internet really thrives on innovation, but innovation for the sake of innovation is not necessarily the best approach for your website.

Our strategy is different. We usually come up with new ideas based on articles in trade magazines, or mobile internet trends experienced while working at our office in Bordeaux, France. We also co-opt ideas from other industries. We then figure out if those ideas will be useful. Sometimes we ask for customers opinions, and sometimes we have to analyze the merit of the idea based on our own experience with the internet.

But most of the time we research the activity of the visitors to our network to figure out what would happen if we turned these ideas into new features for our jewelers.

The Jeweler Website Advisory Group, jWAG --

Back on January 10, 2010 we launched "jWAG," as the educational arm of our company. It's a free education website where we publish the findings of our research so the entire jewelry industry could thrive by using what we found.

Internally, the Sapphire Collaborative uses this research to the guide all developments of websites for retail jewelers.

All of what we publish in our daily email newsletter, through our website, and through YouTube is attainable by any jeweler if they have a programmer on staff. For us, we take those jWAG findings and build them into every new revision of the software we use to manage websites.

Ideas based on research quickly turn into reality.
Our Research