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Profit First Professionals

Professional Business Coaching

You should expect a business coach to have direct experience in navigating the challenges you're facing in your business. But how many coaches also drive your profitability as you surmount these challenges? That's what we do. We believe in the business methods written about in the books The Pumpkin Plan and Profit First.

Sapphire Collaborative utilizes a combination of the "Profit First" method of cash on hand management formulated by author Mike Michalowicz in addition to the "Cash Projections" method of budgeting the future of your business formulated by Matthew Perosi.

Additionally, we follow the business strategy of eliminating areas of your business that take too much time in favor of concentrating on areas of work that have a higher yield. Collaborating with others is often needed to get to the highest business yield; that's the Pumpkin Plan way, and it's why our name is "Collaborative."

What does this mean for you? In addition to our our web based software and business services, we will guide you with the methods to greatly increase the profitability of your business.

Behavioral Guardrails Approach

Nothing changes overnight. If you've had company processes in place for many years, then it's likely your veteran employees are set in their ways and don't want to change. Perhaps you also have a comfort zone that you are afraid to step out of. You can try to use to-do lists to change change your behavior, but those have proven to be ineffective.

The process we use to increased profits puts "behavioral guardrails" in place that allow you to achieve your objectives by NOT forcing changes yourself or your staff until you see the benefits of them. At that point, you become willing to change.

Collaborative Approach

It's impossible to be the best at everything. Everyone must focus on their area of expertise. Our area high level expertise is building strategic websites that collect business intelligence data that are used for improving customer services and building a better business.

Additional areas of expertise include online marketing and how to utilize new internet technologies for business improvement.

We collaborate with other companies for everything else, including email marketing, point of sale, media buying, sales training, merchandising, security systems, and print advertising.

Learning Through Experience

Business CoachingSapphire Collaborative follows concepts from Profit First and The Pumpkin PlanMatthew Perosi is our lead business coach. He's currently certified by the USA Small Business Administration, SCORE Division, as a Business Coach and continues to follow the SBA training set forth every year. His also one of the original certified Profit First Professionals back in 2014.

But certifications aren't everything. Paper knowledge isn't enough in the ever-hanging business world. Learning from your mistakes and the mistakes of others are often better teachers than anything you can learn in a course. Matthew is proud to have started his first business back in 1994 and has served as a computer consultant, value added reseller, and ultimately a business coach since 2014. The lessons learned through the years are brought to bare with every new coaching client in hopes to help them avoid typical business pitfalls as well as specific industry hurdles.

George Blair IV is our website and online marketing coach. His hands-on experience since 2003 is extremely valuable when creating future marketing plans and determining a better direction for your website and digital footprint. He has experience working with hundreds of businesses on the directions they should take online, and offline, and has spoken before crowds on the topics they are most passionate about.

Together, Matthew and George are the collaborative team that will guide you in your digital and business needs.

General Coaching Pricing

Full business day used for training, evaluation, planning, or business brainstorming.
$2,000/day + travel expenses

Telephone Consultations
Technology training, advertising analysis, brainstorming, data analysis, merchandising, referrals.
$375 first hour, $250 each additional

Monthly Retainer
On-site or telephone. Includes consultations on all topics with a limitation of 15 hours per month. 24/7 availability via telephone, direct messaging, and video conference. 4-month minimum retainer agreements then month-to-month as needed.
$3,000/month + travel expenses

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