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What's Included in the Virtual Tour Service?

What's Included in the Virtual Tour Service?

What's included with the virtual tour?

Google Street View tours are uploaded directly to Google and attached to your Google My Business account. Google gives all businesses a free way to manage all your busines information on Google Maps, Google Search, and through other Google properties. This free service is called "Google My Business."

The 360 degree virtual tour we create for you will magically appear in Google Maps alongside your business information. People using Google for search will find that virtual business tour next to your business information in search results, and on Google Maps. People will be able to explore your virtual business tour through a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Along with the Google Street View 360 degree Virtual Tour for business service, we also take several still photos of your business. Google currently allows anyone to take photos of your business and upload them to your business account. As part of the Google Trusted Photographer service, we have a list of specific points of interest that you'd never think of, but Google knows your customers want to see them. These points of interest (POI) photos are uploaded to your Google account and can b found in all of Google's business related image searches.

You will receive a copy of all Point of Interest Photos for your own use and can embed the virtual tour into your own website.

All Google Virtual Tours include

  1. Free No Obligation Quote for your Business
  2. A ONE TIME Fee for your Google Maps Business Virtual Tour with NO RECURRING charges
  3. All photography required to create you 360 Degree Google Virtual Tour
  4. Virtual tour automatically associated with your Google Maps business listing
  5. Virtual tour automatically associated with your business information when it appears in Google search
  6. Virtual tour automatically associated with your Google Maps business listing
  7. A set of photos highlighting specific points of interest of your business
  8. Uploading of all the point of interest photos to your Google account, allowing them to appear wherever your business photos appear online
  9. Full resolution, licensed copies of the POI photos for use in your own marketing, website, or other materials
  10. Simple HTML code from Google that allows you to embed your tour into your own website
  11. Improved representation of your business on Google's Network
  12. QR code linking to your virtual tour for use in your print marketing

Visit our pricing page for an idea of what your virtual tour might cost.

The Virtual Tour

The virtual tour is created with a high resolution camera, a special lens, and a special tripod that was created for Google. The special lens allows us to take a spherical photo wherever we place the tripod. Google refers to these photo-spheres as street view points, but we like to think of them as bubbles.

Starting from about 10 feet outside your front door, the tripod is positioned approximately every 9 feet as we walk through your business. The virtual tour should follow along the same way that any customer walking through your front door in the real world would take.

Google requires that every bubble be within a direct line of sight of the next one, which means we have to take a few extra photos when going around corners; and we can simply jump from one side of a building to the other.

Although it's easy for us to provide general quotes over the telephone, the actual cost of your tour cannot be calculate until we see your location so we can advise you on the best way create the virtual tour.

Point of Interest Photographs (POI)

Your tour also includes a set of traditional stills photos, all professionally shot, according to Google standards, to showcase your business. These POI photos will include interior and exterior wide angle shots, photos of awards, interior decor, and product close-ups. Restaurants are also required to have photos of the menu and food items.