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This is where jewelers turn when they need temporary help with their website

"I need short term help."

Sadly we've heard this many times from jewelers who also had low store sales and low budgets but knew they needed to do something different with their website. These jewelers were willing to get their website started, perhaps work on it a little on their own. They also knew that they were investing into a website that would grow quickly as soon as business turned around.

If you identify with other jewelers who also needed short term help to get them through a rough patch in business, then this is where you would start. We recommend the Lapis Plan, which is a do-it-yourself website. We will set up the design and layout for you, but after that, you will have to add all the content on your own, and maintain it monthly.

The Lapis Plan gives you access to the latest Junior CMS software that will make editing your site easy. We maintain the software without you needing to worry about it; we also guarantee that updates to the software will not break your website.

Even though you have this DIY setup we are still here for. You can freely ask for our professional website advice and receive our recommendations on whether you are doing something right or wrong.

We also want you to be on a plan of growth, so we will email you monthly website reports. These reports will help you in the do-it-yourself process.

There's no contract term, but you must pay for at least 13 months before you're allowed to download a copy of your website.

This service level includes a once-a-month backup plan for your website.

SEO management features are built in, but you have to manage those yourself too.

Please call us at 973-413-8211 for more information.