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For jewelers who really want to try to build their business

"I really want to try."

This sentiment usually came from jewelers who realized that advertising methods have changed beyond their understanding. They had low store sales when they first talked to us and they understood that it was because their advertising wasn't connected properly online. They were willing to try something different with their website, but not spend a lot of money on something they don’t yet understand.

The jewelers who "fit" here are usually the ones who tell us they know their current advertising methods are not working and they need to try something new without spending a lot of money at first.

If that's how you feel too, then we recommend our most common service plan, called the Onyx Plan. We'll take care of the basic website maintenance for you and set up a long term plan of how you should expand over time.

You will no longer have to worry about updating the website on your own, and you'll have specific goals to achieve in your store so we can help you on a growth path.

To start with, we will set up the design and layout of the website, and we also get the initial content of your website uploaded or transferred from your previous website.

Transferring over from your previous website can be a nightmare, and normally you would completely lose any Google ranking you had. But we don't let that happen. We will set up 301 redirects for your old pages so you don't lose Google ranking.

Since your customer expect you to have jewelry on your site, we're going to get you started with a small product catalog by entering some products for you. To keep your costs down you will need to take over where we leave off. Your customers really will want to see the bulk of your products if you want them online.

On a monthly basis we will update your website for you. We will want you to stick to the plan we give you and send us information every month so that, at least the basic stuff is updated monthly. We'll go over the find details of how this works before we accept you as a client.

We don't let our customers slack off when they are signed up for this service. We know that your website needs updating, and we do whatever it takes to do the job correctly for you.

You always have the ability to edit your site on your own, but during this first leap you are taking we are here for you to help you maintain the basics.

The Onyx Plan gives you access to the latest Junior CMS software that will make editing your site easy. We maintain the software without you needing to worry about it.

Our professional writing service will guarantee at least 2 new pages added to your website every month, may times we're actually adding 3 pages if they are shorter. We post them randomly throughout the month so your website looks like it's actively updated.

As an extra bonus to help you along we will also share those new content pages to your Facebook Page, Google+ Page, and Twitter accounts.

There's no contract term, but you must pay for at least 13 months before you're allowed to download a copy of your website.

This service level includes a once-a-week backup plan for your website.

SEO management features are built in, but you have to manage those yourself too.

Please call us at 973-413-8211 for more information.

The service plan explained here is a very common solution for our jewelers and it far outperforms other local service offerings you might have from companies like SuperMedia, YEXT, and even ReachLocal.

This collaborative service plan is an investment in yourself and the first step toward establishing your online brand through means that you control and methods that will not disappear when you stop paying for them.