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Do you want better sales in your jewelry store?

"I want to do better."

There were many jewelers who told us their store sales were okay and they were not necessarily worried, but they really wanted to have "better sales." These same jewelers also seemed to have a similar level of customer satisfaction in their store that needed to somehow be represented online. These jewelers usually told us that they would like to know how it all works, but they didn't want to personally take care of their website at all.

We've heard the sentiment "I want to do better" from jewelers whose store sales were enough to cover the bills and make a decent living, but not really good enough to expand the business.

For these jewelers, we matched there store with a digital version of the customer service that was represented in person. The recommendation here was our Amber Plan with specialized monthly service commitments.

Your customers expect the ability to browse your entire in-stock inventory through your website. The Amber Plan has the ability to upload directly from your point of sale, or through Excel spreadsheets. We'll also establish a long term plan for website growth and updates, and we'll keep the process on track even if you don't participate directly. We want to show your customers that you provide an updated online experience.

Just like all of our other plans, we will set up the design and layout of the website, but we're also going to make sure all your the initial website content is uploaded and looks professional.

If you have an existing website we will set up the technical 301 redirects for your old pages so you don't lose Google ranking.

Regardless of the service level you choose, you always have the ability to edit your site on your own, but we're here for you to help you maintain the basics. The ability to edit is a standard feature in the Junior CMS software that we use. We maintain the software without you needing to worry about it; we also guarantee that updates to the software will not break your website.

To insure your best results, we include freedom to ask our professional website advice and receive our recommendations on whether you are doing something right or wrong with your website, your marketing, or with yoru business procedures.

In order to achieve business growth we will continue to build content for you every month. At minimum we will add at least 3 new pages of well written, unique content to your site every month. We will post those online randomly throughout the month so it appears like you are actively involved.

As part of our standard tracking, we will send you monthly reports.

Content building and reports aren't going to be enough if you really "want to do better" as the title of this page says. So we'll assign someone to review all the work being done on your website every month, and make sure everything is kept in order according to Google's guidelines and that they have the best possible chance of appearing in the search engines.

If you don't already have one, you will have to get yourself a smartphone. If you're intimidated by the idea of a smartphone then we recommend the iPhone because it's very user friendly. We measured that other retail jewelers preferred the iPhone over Android 5-to-1.

There's no contract term, but you must pay for at least 13 months before you're allowed to download a copy of your website.

This service level includes a daily backup plan for your website.

Please call us at 973-413-8211 for more information.