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For Jewelers and jewelry designers who need basic website help and business coaching

"I need some basic tutelage."

The jewelry industry has changed a lot since 1999. The internet taken over as the primary marketing method with thousands of new advertising opportunities being created daily. The modern bridal customer is very technology savvy and live in a very fast paced world. From their point of view, the decision to visit your jewelry store will be made within seconds of them evaluating your online identity.

Realizing that the entire shopping culture has changed is the first step in insuring that your multi-generation jewelry store is still in business for the next generation.

The next step is to take action and learn what's new, and what your customers will expect.
     Topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website analysis
  • Marketing analysis
  • Marketing planning
  • Website planning
  • Social media usage training
  • Basic photography training
  • Media kit construction
  • Contest planning & implementation
  • Marketing design
  • Budget Planning
  • Basic Accounting
  • Business building

We Will Coach You

You don't have to sign up for our full website service if you just want us to help you navigate through a new learning process.

With more than 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, our CEO, Matthew Perosi, will work directly with you to help understand all aspects of business, and how thy might be improved upon.

Naturally, this includes many website topics, and it may also include showing you how to analyze your Google Analytics data if you need help with that.

Matthew Perosi wrote and published more than 950 daily educational blog posts for the jewelry industry, writes for the Retail Jeweler Magazine, and often gives seminars and training at jewelry conferences. He will apply his considerable experience to help you understand the new direction your jewelry store will need to thrive in tomorrow.

Some of the topics he's already helped other jewelers with are itemized to the right.

This coaching service is available to existing and new clients.

Existing Sapphire Collaborative clients have the benefit of using the Junior CMS to improve their business using the same tools that we use, and Matthew will explain how that's done in easy to understand telephone and video conferencing sessions.

Coaching calls for new clients will start out on a broader scope until a narrow focus is agreed upon. Our business coaching is never used as a means to turn you into a full service client. Your choice of technology will be respected without pressuring you to change.

Please call us at 973-413-8211 for more information.

The service plan explained here is a very common solution for our existing jewelers who really want to better understand their website technology and for new clients who know they need a holistic approach to business and technology coaching.