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Are you committed to making your jewelry website work?

"I'm committed."

Jewelers who had tried and failed with other website endeavors called and explained that their store sales were low, but they were "committed" to making their website be an important part of their advertising. These same jewelers usually saw their competitors pulling ahead of them in local search results. Although they didn't understand how website technology fit into their overall advertising they, were willing to divide part of their advertising budget to making the website better.

Jewelers who told us they "we're committed" were usually among those who had tried and failed with another website, but wanted to get it right this time. If you share this sentiment then need our strongest suggestion is to get your entire product catalog online. Other companies provide catalog widgets to make the process easy, but nothing makes a website more effective than having your own managed catalog of in-store products. Once you do this you will be very surprised by how many people will walk in the store with printouts from your website.

Customers will routinely say they were looking at something on your website, and they will be disappointed when something is shown on your website but it's not in your store. In other words, you need to commit to keeping your online inventory updated.

Maintaining your products online is tough, but our Amber Plan gives you the ability to upload directly from your point of sale system, or to upload a spreadsheet from Excel. We will set up the design and layout of the website, and get the initial content of your website uploaded.

Transferring over from your previous website can be a nightmare, and normally you would completely lose any Google ranking you had. But we don't let that happen. We will set up 301 redirects for your old pages so you don't lose Google ranking.

On a monthly basis we will update your website for you based on a long term growth plan that we will initially outline, and then fine tune as time goes on. We will want you to stick to the plan we give you and send us information every month so that, at least the basic stuff is updated monthly. We'll go over the find details of how this works before we accept you as a client.

The Amber Plan gives you access to the latest Junior CMS software that will make editing your site easy. We maintain the software without you needing to worry about it; we also guarantee that updates to the software will not break your website.

Another part of your "I'm committed" process is increasing your involvement in online advertising. To help you achieve this we're going to help you learn how to engage on social media easily, and we will be your crutch all the time.

We're also going to build content on your website, share that content for you socially, and monitor how people interact with your website. Based on those interactions we will improve how your website works over time.

Every month you will get reports that show how your website is improving.

If you don't already have one, you will have to get yourself a smartphone. If you're intimidated by the idea of a smartphone then we recommend the iPhone because it's very user friendly. We measured that other retail jewelers preferred the iPhone over Android 5-to-1.

Ultimately it's important for you to understand how your customers are seeing you in the mobile world.

There's no contract term, but you must pay for at least 13 months before you're allowed to download a copy of your website.

This service level includes a daily backup plan for your website.

SEO management features are built in, but you have to manage those yourself too.

Please call us at 973-413-8211 for more information.